Wedding Photography – Pompano Beach

April 18, 2024 5:48 pm Published by Comments Off on Wedding Photography – Pompano Beach

I went searching on the internet for a photographer to handle my son’s wedding. Ken called me and I felt at ease the minute we started talking.He answered all of my questions and asked for my opinion. He did not pressure me about price but gave his advice and suggestions based onhis past experience with doing weddings. Within a few minutes of our conversation, we were laughing, and it felt like I had known Ken for years.He is so easy to talk to and that made my job as the mother of the groom a lot less stressful. Ken recommended engagement pictures for thecouple so we agreed on having it done at Maclay Gardens in Tallahassee, which has lots of pretty colors and views.Ken arrived in Tallahassee several hours early and I knew right away I was dealing with someone dependable who kept their word. When wepulled up in the parking lot at Maclay Gardens, Ken was already there waiting, and had his camera and other items in place. He was easygoing,neatly dressed, and had professional equipment. He introduced himself to me and my kids and my son’s fiance’. Everyone was comfortable aroundhim and I knew I had made the right choice. The photo shoot went very well as Ken mixed up a lot of poses and he also did some family portraitswhile we were there. Ken did most of the posing, but he also allowed us to suggest some poses of our own. We had so much fun taking pictures.Ken never rushed us the entire time we were there. I received the pictures in the mail, and they were so beautiful and so clear. Ken did a good job and my son and his fiance’ were also pleased whenthey saw them. Ken is not only a good photographer, he and I have become the best of friends.

Karen Dudley (Bristol, FL) (Mother of The Groom)WEDDING: Pompano Beach, FL RECEPTION: Deerfield Beach, FL